Connecting Education & Work

Informing the evolving learn-and-work ecosystem

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Important subjects or themes which define and describe the learn-and-work ecosystem

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Alliances and intermediary organizations working to improve the learn-and-work ecosystem; some focus in 1-2 areas, others on many areas of the ecosystem

12 Key Components of the Learn-And-Work Ecosystem

The learn-and-work ecosystem is composed of 12 key components that must be connected and coordinated so that INDIVIDUALS can move seamlessly through the marketplace using a variety of credentials to communicate the skills and knowledge acquired in multiple settings (school, work, service, self-study); SCHOOLS can count learning obtained outside of academic settings toward a degree or other credential; EMPLOYERS have more detailed and externally-validated information for hiring, reskilling, and upskilling workers; and the PUBLIC is informed about the learn-and-work ecosystem.

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For the ecosystem to function effectively, all parts of the system must be connected and coordinated.