Accredible (digital badge & certificate platform)

Accredible was formed in 2013 to create, issue, and manage secure digital certificates and badges. The company provides a digital badge and certificate platform. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Accredible currently issues digital certificates on behalf of MIT, Cambridge University, Google, Slack, Kaplan University, The Digital Marketing Institute, AFCPE, AIPMM, and over 1,700 other organizations across the world.

Accredible features include enabling credential providers to:

  • Edit their certificates in real time, such as update names, grades, branding or mistakes even after a certificate is used.
  • Revoke certificates even after publishing.
  • Set certificates to expire automatically after a time period.
  • View analytics on how recipients (and others) interact with their certificates.
  • See which organizations are viewing their users’​ certificates.
  • Add certificates to LinkedIn profiles with one click, propagating the provider’s logo and course consistently on their users’​ profiles.

Industries the company serves with products and services include:

  • product and professional training
  • associations
  • higher education
  • learning experience platforms
  • corporate training
  • awarding bodies

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