Credly, a Pearson business working in the digital credentialing space, is a global Open Badge platform that focuses on closing the gap between skills and opportunities. Credly works with academic institutions, corporations, and professional associations to design credentialing programs that translate learning outcomes into digital credentials that are validated, managed, and shared. Credly offers a range of services:

  • research
  • guidance in creating a badge recognition strategy
  • developing a competency framework
  • building out governance and communication processes
  • job skill analysis
  • credential-to-learning path evaluations
  • developing change management plans.

Credly products include:

  • Directory  of the credentials students earn.
  • Common language of verified knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be used by higher education institutions, employers, and third-party organizations.
  • Credly Acclaim digital badging platform offers a comprehensive set of features to design and issue badges; ways to scale and manage programs; analytics to measure success; and security and privacy features to ensure products and data are secure.
  • Credly Workforce helps companies with workforce analytics, employee engagement, talent mobility and skills visibility. Companies leverage their learning and development efforts, offer digital credentials, and enable greater skills visibility for their employees.
  • Talent Match is an AI-powered, skills-based hiring platform, based on verified credentials, rather than self-reported skill lists on a resume. The recruitment tool focuses on IT skills-matching. Companies upload their job requirements for IT professionals they are seeking. Credly maps the requirements to relevant skills and credentials and searches its large database for well-matched candidates (more than 20 million individuals have earned a credential on Credly from certification, assessment, and training providers). Credly generates a list of matches to assist employers in their hiring process.






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