Digital Credentials Consortium (DCC)

The Digital Credentials Consortium (DCC) was founded in 2018 by leading universities with expertise in the design of verifiable digital credentials. Together, the partners are designing an infrastructure for digital credentials that can support the education systems of the future.

DCC has issued a white paper: “Building the digital credential infrastructure for the future.

Projects underway to explore a digital credentials infrastructure include:

Founding members of DCC include:

  • Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
  • Harvard University (USA)
  • Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam (Germany)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  • McMaster University (Canada)
  • Tecnologico De Monterrey (Mexico)
  • TU Munich (Germany)
  • UC Berkeley (USA)
  • UC Irvine (USA)
  • University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
  • University of Toronto (Canada)





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