E3 Alliance

The E3 Alliance is a regional, data-driven education collaborative based in Austin, Texas. The Alliance works to build the strongest educational pipeline in the U.S. to drive regional economic prosperity. A collective impact effort, E3 teams up with a broad range of community representatives to work together on achieving lasting systemic change. Since 2006, the Alliance has engaged 15 school districts, eight institutions of higher education, numerous businesses and nonprofits, and policy leaders across Central Texas to address complex community issues in education.

By 2023, E3 Alliance and its partners have established measurable objectives to improve student outcomes and decrease inequity across the cradle-to-career pipeline.

School Readiness

  • 90% of eligible children enroll in Pre-kindergarten
  • 70% of children enter kindergarten school read

School Success

  • 70% of all 3rd graders meet reading standards on STAAR
  • 70% of all 8th graders meet reading standards on STAAR
  • 41% of all 8th graders complete Algebra I

High School Graduation

  • 88% of all 9th graders are NOT chronically absent
  • 95% of Central Texas students graduate high school on time

Postsecondary Success

  • 70% of students enroll in college within 1 year of high school graduation
  • 55% of high school graduates complete a postsecondary credential within 6 years



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