ED2WORK® is a consulting group that focuses on creating conditions necessary for working learners to succeed and adapt for the future of work. The group works with education providers, nonprofit and community-based organizations, workforce agencies, and companies to develop tailored education and workforce development solutions across three practice areas:

  • Talent and Skills-Based Solutions
  • Teaching and Learning Transformation
  • Nonprofit and Community-Based Solutions

Services include strategic planning, program development, technical assistance, and evaluation. The group brings expertise in developing and scaling adult, experiential, and online learning programs, credit for prior learning, outcomes-based quality and accountability strategies, and competency- and skills-based credentialing solutions.

Examples of recent work:

  • Crafting National Strategies to Improve Transfer Student Mobility, 2020-2021, carrying out research to inform the American Council on Education (ACE) National Task Force on Transfer of Credit comprised of college and university presidents. The work included facilitating task force meetings and deliberations which informed recommendations to improve the transfer of credit and changes to institutional policies and practices.
  • Supporting the Building Pathways to Economic Opportunity Initiative, 2021, providing professional development, coaching, and technical assistance to New Jersey community college administrators and faculty on implementing successful prior learning assessment strategies, and assisting with implementation of a non-credit to credit transitin framework.

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