Harvard Project on Workforce

The Harvard Project on Workforce is an interdisciplinary, collaborative project between the Harvard University Kennedy School’s Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, the Harvard Business School that manages the Future of Work Project, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The Project produces and catalyzes basic and applied research at the intersection of education and labor markets for leaders in business, education, and policy. Its research aims to help shape a postsecondary system of the future that creates more and better pathways to economic mobility and forges smoother transitions between education and careers.

The Center focuses on work in three main areas: The Future of Work;  Education & Skills; and Labor Markets & Employment.

Key projects include:

In March 2023, the Project on Workforce issued the Navigating Public Job Training Report. The report describes and analyzes the more than 75,000 Eligible Training Provider (ETP) programs in the United States.


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