Founded in 2015, Steppingblocks provides students and universities with data-driven tools that are used to promote career readiness and institutional success. Tools are available for students, faculty, staff, and campus leadership. Data tools enable exploration of alumni profiles, employer trends, average salaries, relevant skills, digital career counseling and others.

  • Education profiles contain degrees, levels, graduation years, institution names, CIP categories, and subcategories. Additional education attributes are derived and available for cross segmentation analysis directly into our platforms and custom analytics.
  • Employment data and analytics (combined with education data and analytics) allow us to generate hundreds of singular and aggregate level insights on graduation outcomes, workforce insights, compensation analytics, firmographics, industry trends, and much more.
  • Demographic data and analytics allow us to generate singular or aggregate statistics by gender, location (map based), veteran status, salary, tenure, etc and can cross reference to any education, employment or institutional attribute (or set of attributes).

Steppingblocks provides analytics for any company, educational institution, industry, or geographic location. It combines publicly available firmographics, institutional attributes, and industry data points to any segment of the Steppingblocks education, employment, or demographic data.

An example of ways higher education institutions are using Steppingblocks is to track schools’ alumni who earn microcredentials to determine what types of career journeys they experience after they graduate.


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