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The Center on Education & Labor is a part of New America, a nonprofit think and action tank, that develops policies, platforms, products, and new practices to advance equity and affect meaningful change in people’s lives across five broad “clusters”: technology and democracy; family economic security; people- and planet-centered politics; education from birth to workforce; and political reform and civic cohesion.

The Center on Education & Labor is dedicated to restoring the link between education and economic mobility by advancing policies that strengthen the key social institutions necessary to connect them. Rebuilding America’s middle class requires a coordinated approach to education and labor policymaking that recognizes that the good jobs of the future will require a postsecondary education, but that education and skills on their own are not enough to ensure that the jobs pay well and include essential benefits. The Center’s work spans the policy domains of education, labor, and workforce development, with a goal to forge a more holistic approach to the challenges generated from technological change. This approach recognizes the need to equip workers of the future with the knowledge, skills, and power necessary to fulfill the terms of our social contract.

Examples of work in recent years includes:

  • The Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship (PAYA), a multi-year, collaborative initiative supporting the success of efforts in states and cities to expand access to high-quality apprenticeship opportunities for high school age youth.
  • Research on the growth of Community College Baccalaureate degrees.
  • The Public Workforce Development System and Gig Workers — challenges and opportunities in delivering career services
  • The Short-Term Credentials Landscape
  • Employer Training Survey
  • Learn and Earn at Community College: Using HEERF Funds and Federal Work-Study top Expand Campus Jobs Programs

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