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The Archive contains historical documents that includes languishing or disappearing websites (project-based, many funded by foundations) that may be of interest to stakeholders, especially for research.

Website: Learn-and-Work Ecosystem Guide

Learn-and-Work Ecosystem Guide from Lumina Foundation website. Contains descriptions of Key Initiatives (36), by stage of progress, timeline, and relation to other related work. Last updated January 15, 2020. Initiatives are categorized into 6 areas: (1) Build Credential Transparency Infrastructure;  (2) Accelerate Ecosystem Developments through Alignment/Alliances; (3) Create and Implement Technology/Data/Standards to Drive and Connect Systems; (4) Advance Understanding of Credentials of Value (COVs); (5) Advance Navigation Tools, Verifications, Quality Assurance; (6)  Expand Messaging Around Credential Transparency

Website:  Connecting Credentials

Connecting Credentials from the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce. Last updated in 2018. Between 2016-2018, CSW led the Connecting Credentials Campaign to improve connectivity, transparency and equity in credentialing. The website developed to support the campaign assembled a number of useful resources in 5 key areas: Learner Mobility, Common Language, Employer Leadership. Data and Technology, and Trust and Quality Assurance. The initiative developed a 7-point Connecting Credentials Action Plan that identifies 25 specific actions to be undertaken, and more than 100 ways those actions can be accomplished. Five individual work group reports and a glossary of key credentialing definitions developed by the Common Language group, are available at the website: Common Language Work Group Report; Glossary of Credentialing Terms; Data-Technology Work Group Report; Quality Assurance Work Group Report; Employer Engagement Work Group Report; and Pathways for Equity Work Group Report.

Research Report: Developing A Digital Learn-And-Work Ecosystem Library: Laying The Groundwork For The Library Ontology

Working Draft: February 16, 2022. Developing A Digital Learn-And-Work Ecosystem Library: Laying The Groundwork For The Library Ontology. Dr. Holly Zanville, Research Professor and Co-Director of Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy, George Washington University; and Marina Cemaj Hochstein, Graduate Research Assistant, Program of Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy, George Washington University.

DATABASE: Alliances, Networks, Partnerships & Intermediaries

Alliances, Networks, Partnerships & Intermediaries from Brighthive. Draft database from summer 2021 was developed to support a cross-stakeholder effort to begin mapping the learn-and-work ecosystem, resulting in a crowdsourced initial list of alliances, networks, individuals, and organizations contributing to the ecosystem.

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