Articulated Credit / Articulated College Credit

Last Updated 06/22/2024

Articulated credit is a process that aligns high school courses with college courses or programs (usually occupational pathways) to allow students to start a college technical major while still in high school and continue in a participating postsecondary institution. Articulated credit courses are approved by the higher education institution as equivalent to introductory-level college courses.  Articulated credit is different from Advanced Placement (AP) credit, which requires passing an end-of-course exam.

Articulated college credit is a process through which high school students can earn college credit by successfully completing certain high school courses. These courses cover learning outcomes, skills, and abilities comparable to those taught in college courses. Establishing articulated college credit programs is a collaborative effort between high schools and colleges. The process typically includes:

  1. Course Alignment: High schools collaborate with higher education institutions to align certain high school courses with college-level content. Courses cover similar learning outcomes, skills, and knowledge.
  2. Assessment: Students complete the high school course and demonstrate mastery of the material usually through exams, projects, or other assessments.
  3. Credit Award: If the student meets the criteria set by the college, they receive college credit. The amount of credit awarded varies by institution and course/program.
  4. Transcript/Verification: The college credits earned through articulated credit transfer appear on the student’s college transcript.
  5. Benefits: Articulated credit allows students to explore college-level material, potentially save time and money, and gain a head start on their college education and career paths.

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