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AACRAO Credit Mobility Initiative

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) is addressing the need to improve credit mobility. The consistent and equitable application of student records processes and practices signal to third parties—including accreditors, other institutions, and employers—that the records can be trusted. As innovation occurs in the credential space, AACRAO is working to prepare institutions to collaborate with and add value to those innovations by highlighting leading models and recommending best practice. AACRAO’s main goals related to credentials are: credit mobility, interoperability, institutional policy and practice, and expanding the CLR/LER. Ultimately, AACRAO is working to ensure that what we create is an equitable ecosystem that is interoperable and holds a complete picture of the entire learning journey—a picture that is valuable in both the personal and professional life of the learner.

Credit mobility requires evidence of prior learning to be both portable (e.g., easily, cheaply requested/accessed) and applicable (e.g., accepted by institutions/accrediting agencies as counting toward a credential). To that end, AACRAO works to : (1) expand the role of non-credit learning experiences and their relationship to academic records and processes, working with its members in partnership with C9BEN, UPCEA, and vendors; and  (2) iIncreasing the adoption of effective and accessible credit for prior learning practices (credit for prior learning, prior learning assessment). 

Partners:  AACRAO, C-BEN, UPCEA, vendors

Link to resources:—Credit-Mobility-Institutional-Practices-Virtual-Education

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