Key Initiative

AACRAO Digital Interoperability Initiative

To achieve digital interoperability, institutions require incentives, an effort to reach consensus, technical and other resources, and effective student information systems. Such systems must be able to seamlessly ingest incoming learner record information, and course-transfer protocols must carry sufficient information to complete the analysis and articulation of incoming learning. The rise of the Comprehensive Learner Record/Learning and Employment Record prompted AACRAO to review the 1EdTEch CLR standard and develop an implementation guide that can help practitioners understand and use that standard. The objective is to provide a pathway to CLR adoption that will enable interoperability to benefit the learner. AACRAO will continue to participate in conversations about standards that achieve the goals of interoperability. 

Partners: National Student Clearinghouse, 1EdTech, PESC, Groningen Declaration Network, Various vendors

Links to Resources: 2-2-2022).pdf?sfvrsn=d21ce56_4;

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