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C-BEN’s Quality Framework

C-BEN is a network of institutions, employers, and experts who believe competencies can unlock the future of learning, making postsecondary education and training more flexible, responsive, and valuable. C-BEN supports an array of organizations to implement competency-based solutions using C-BEN’s Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs.

Released in 2017, C-BEN’s Quality Framework is the only such framework designed for CBE programs. The goal of is to provide guidance to the field about the design, implementation, and scale of high-quality programs that lead to greater completion and employment. C-BEN members from 30 institutions and four state university systems offer feedback, but over 100 other individuals from around the country provided guidance that informed this final version. C-BEN’s Quality Framework informs the services provided to various clients such as state systems, educational institutions, employers, ed tech firms, and policymakers. These services include sessions at Exchange, toolkits, webinars, and other resources available to the public broadly to support capacity building.

Partners: C-BEN has helped hundreds of institutions─directly or indirectly─to focus on quality CBE programs. It now supports five state systems and their institutions, as well as over 30 individual institutions in their efforts to provide competency-based education.

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