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Expanding the Learner Record: XLR Project

Since 2015, AACRAO – working with Lumina Foundation, NASPA, NILOA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 1EdTech, and other higher education organizations – has supported over 50 colleges and universities to enhance, develop and deploy Comprehensive Learning Record (CLRs). This work is expanding to support the wide range of institutions seeking innovation in their learner records. This includes efforts to expand statewide systems of advanced learner records and credentials (e.g., in Tennessee and Alabama). In addition to consultative services for individuals and institutions, AACRAO is developing communities of interest and communities of practice among higher education institutions across the world. These communities serve as networks of knowledge leaders and develop resources to facilitate CLR adoption for all AACRAO members. The XLR project is named as such because X=the unknown factors of the evolving learner record.

Partners: AACRAO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 1EdTech, State Community College Systems, Lumina Foundation, higher education institutions, Education Design Lab 

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