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Experience You: Bring Your Past Forward

Experience You: Bring Your Past Forward is an initiative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Education Design Lab, coordinated through the T3 Innovation Network’s LER Network. The project consists of a forum series, white paper, and demonstration of prototype LER (Learning and Employment Records) translation tools for learners and workers. The forum series will inform the research that is used to develop the white paper, which in turn will define the market potential of such an innovation and help catalyze market development and research on the use of AI tools in LER products and enabling technologies (e.g., technology stacks). It will also explore market adoption and implementation strategies for such tools. The goal is to understand how they can be deployed as openly, affordably, and equitably as possible to learners and workers and those that support them (e.g., education institutions, workforce development systems, and employers). In close coordination with the forum series, one or more prototype tools/pilots will be developed and tested to demonstrate the potential, feasibility, applicability, and accuracy of such tools. 

The near-term outcome will be to encourage data and technology vendors and researchers to build and test new AI tools that can quickly and accurately translate education, work, and life experience into structured, machine-actionable data in the form of an LER. Outputs to be monitored include the number of prototypes tested as well as number of forums and forum attendees. The project will release one draft and one final paper. It also will track the change in conversations around LERs and the inclusion of this type of solution in work pursued by technology companies, researchers, institutions, and networks. 

The long-term outcome is to increase the availability and use of these AI services to generate self-verifiable LERs for every American worker and learner in the U.S. if not globally. This includes, if necessary, a default application that sets the floor for the market in terms of capability and output for learners and workers. It also includes creating and sustaining market momentum for release of new AI-supported products that provide high-quality translation services at scale.

Partners: U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Education Design Lab

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