Key Initiative


HBCUv is a multi-year initiative that is building a virtual e-learning ecosystem for Black colleges and universitiesWith institutional partners and tech innovators, HBCUv’s pilot is launching Fall 2023 with nine HBCUs. By Fall 2025, the platform will reach all 37 member institutions. And by Fall 2028, the platform seeks to engage all 102 HBCUs and other institutions. The platform will serve 5 main stakeholder groups: community, students, faculty, institutions, and employers.


  • On-ramp to an HBCU education for a wider community of learners.
  • Go-to space for education rooted in the Black experience.
  • Platform for leadership development and cultivating collective impact


  • Access to HBCUs anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Expanded culturally-rich learning content.
  • Unprecedented inter-campus collaboration.


  • Virtual space for promoting Black pedagogy.
  • Innovations for accelerated, customizable teaching.
  • New training to lead blended learning.


  • Increased student reach across the globe.
  • Economies of scale for resource sharing.
  • A shared HBCU asset in a growing online market.


  • Centralized access to HBCU talent.
  • Online hub for recruitment efforts.
  • Placement for mentorships, internships and careers.

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