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Information about developments in the learn and work ecosystem are essential for those working to improve the U.S. system. Information is siloed and difficult to access and synthesize. The goal of the Learn & Work Ecosystem Library is to make information about the ecosystem easier to find and use. It also will maximize reach for those who require information (historical, recent, and curated) as they work to improve the system. The Library will collect, curate, and coordinate resources around 12 key building blocks: Alliances, Networks, Partnerships; Career Navigation; Communications; Credentials/Providers; Data, Databases, Standards; Employers & Workforce; International Developments; Policy; Quality & Value; Research; Transparency; Verification/Recordkeeping. 

There are four types of content at the Library: (1) knowledge about the 12 key components of the ecosystem and the more than 100 sub-components; (2) key initiatives working to improve components of the ecosystem; (3) alliances, networks, and partnerships working to serve and improve the components of the ecosystem; and (4) archive of major historical resources in the learn and work ecosystem. The Library will be using a wiki model, to enable continual updating and curation.

Partners: Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy at George Washington University; SUNY Empire State College; Corporation for a Skilled Workforce; Workcred, Credential Engine; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Weathers Strategy Group; Strada Education Network; New America;  Markle Foundation; Jobs for the Future; UPCEA; Western Governors University; IBM, I1EdTech; Learning Economy Foundation

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