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LifeJourney – AI-Powered Skills & Competency Toolkit

On February 22, 2023, Territorium  launched LifeJourney, an AI-powered toolkit designed to facilitate the intersections and transitions between K-12, higher education, and workforce readiness. The secure and interoperable toolkit enables students is a data-rich, skills-based comprehensive learner record (CLR) of each learner’s capabilities. The goals for LifeJourney are to:

  • Enable Equity in college readiness, admissions, re-entry, and transfer parity in education
  • Empower Learner Agency beyond a course and letter grade on a traditional transcript
  • Drive Employability Readiness and demonstrate all that is possible beyond a resume

Territorium’s AI-powered LifeJourney toolkit comprises TerritoriumCLR – a 1EdTech-certified Comprehensive Learner Record – assessment services, and CareerBit, all integrated into a seamless toolkit. LifeJourney maps assessment results and curriculum to competencies and skills and provides institutions and students with access to an industry-certified education to employability toolkit built around understanding each learner in a more personalized and holistic way, beyond courses and grades. LifeJourney is fully integrated with the leading learning management systems, student information systems, and human resource information systems. The interoperable toolkit allows students to stack digital credentials, and enables employers and post-secondary institutions access to their all-encompassing skills and competencies comprehensive learner record.

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