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SmartReport Ecosystem Map

The Smart Report Ecosystem Map was created by iDatafy in 2022 – and launched in January 2023. iDatafy worked with a team of 20 digital credentialing experts to create two infographics that show the way data flows through the ecosystem. The infographics demonstrate how digital credentials are issued, how they are shared, how they are consumed, and who the companies and organizations are that make that happen. The goal is to map the U.S. digital credential, and learning and employment record ecosystem to help stakeholders understand  better digital credentialing, learning and employment records, and the companies and institutions that are driving these innovations forward.

The ecosystem in the graphic maps is defined as the organizations which are enabling the issuance, sharing, and consumption of digital credentials, with a particular focus on the below digital credential standards:

  • OpenBadge Standard from 1EdTech
  • Verifiable Credential Standard from W3C
  • Comprehensive Learner Record Standard from 1EdTech
  • Learner and Employment Resume Standard from HR Open Standards (to be released in 2023)

The SmartReport is organized by:

  • Individuals who are the data creators since digital credentials are owned by individuals, and individuals must remain in control of their data.
  • Logos that represent the types of institutions that recognize individual accomplishment, knowledge, skills, abilities, certifications and more, through digital credentialing.
  • Logos that represent the types of organizations that enable credentials to be issued to individuals.
  • Logos that represent the data standards and technologies that enable credentials to be shareable across the ecosystem.
  • Logos that represent those companies, organizations, and even states that are creating ways for this data to be consumed, enabling digital credentials to be deployed as assets to accomplish specific outcomes.
  • End users who take action on this data, such as employers who may use it to discover, hire and promote people.

There are two categories of organizations that do not fit cleanly into the left-to-right flow of data captured in the infographics, which are critical to the growth and ultimate success of the ecosystem:

  • Philanthropic organizations which fund research and development, and play critical roles in further developing and supporting the ecosystem. These organizations are separated from the rest of the SmartReport by a dotted line representing their importance to the industry.
  • The micro-ecosystem is part of a larger learn-to-work and skill-based hiring ecosystem.  This is why some companies such as LinkedIn (world’s largest talent marketplace) are not included on the SmartReport because individuals cannot add or store any of these data standards to their LinkedIn profile.  They can link to a Credly credential, for example, on their LinkedIn profile, but in order for someone to “consume” that information they have to leave LinkedIn to do so.  Similarly, LinkedIn Learning is one of the largest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers, but unlike Coursera, they do not issue an Open Badge to recognize learning on their platform.  That may change in the future, and iDatafy will these companies to the SmartReport if that occurs.

Partners:  iDatafy and 20 digital credential experts

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