Key Initiative

The Learner Credential Wallet

The Learner Credential Wallet is an open-source mobile wallet designed to hold verifiable credentials of learning achievement (diplomas, certificates, badges and other credentials). It was developed by the Digital Credentials Consortium, a network of leading international universities designing an open infrastructure for academic credentials. The project team’s experience with the initial deployment of the Learner Credential Wallet made it clear that some form of technical assistance would likely be required for many institutions of higher education to issue digital credentials. Many also were shown to need or want fully developed “products” to manage and issue digital credentials.

Partners: Georgia Institute of Technology; College Unbound; San Jose City College; McMaster University; Technical University of Munich; Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam

Links to resources:  Learner Credential Wallet:

Learner Credential Wallet Specification:

Digital Credentials Consortium:

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