C-BEN's Employer Engagement Best Practices Guide

Last Updated: Spring 2023

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C-BEN (Competency-Based Education Network) is a network of institutions, employers, and experts who believe competencies can unlock the future of learning, making postsecondary education and training more flexible, responsive, and valuable. C-BEN supports an array of organizations to implement competency-based solutions.

The Employer Engagement Best Practices Toolkit guides institutions of higher education through the process of exploring, launching, maintaining, and evaluating partner relationships with employer organizations. It includes a variety of tools and templates, including:

  • A continuum model to identify the type of partnership that best suits each project.
  • A variety of case studies exemplifying each partnership type.
  • A template for an MOU.
  • Example templates for calculating credit awarded for prior learning assessment (PLA).


Hundreds of institutions partner to focus on quality CBE programs




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