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Workcred-Inc and the University of Texas (UT) System issued a report, Integrating Microcredentials into Undergraduate Experiences,that serves as a framework to guide the development and implementation of microcredentials and how they can be combined with undergraduate experiences (May 2023).

The report builds on discussions from a workshop hosted by Workcred and the UT System that included faculty and administrators from five UT System institutions which assessed how to integrate microcredentials that signify data analytics knowledge and skills most valued by employers. They explored how undergraduate students majoring in humanities and liberal arts could concurrently earn a data analytics microcredential and a bachelor’s degree, potentially increasing their employment opportunities and earnings outcomes.

The report includes guidance on:

  • the use and purposes of microcredentials
  • factors to consider when building or selecting a microcredential
  • the relationship between microcredentials and badges
  • promising microcredential practices in digital skills and data analytics
  • commonly identified skills in liberal arts and data analytics
  • approaches to align data analytics microcredentials with undergraduate experiences
  • a framework to guide the development and implementation of microcredentials
  • assets to support microcredentialing efforts in the UT System.

The report also highlights how certain institutions of higher education, including those within the UT System, are developing a common and consistent definition for microcredentials.

The framework is being used by work underway in the Texas Credentials for the Future initiative, launched by the UT System in 2021, which focuses on microcredentials that arm learners with the skills, knowledge, and competencies most valued by employers.


Workcred and The University of Texas System. (2023). Integrating Microcredentials into Undergraduate Experiences. Integrating-Microcredentials-into-Undergraduate-Experiences.pdf

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