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Gallup Inc. is an American analytics and advisory company based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1935, the company became known for its public opinion polls conducted worldwide. In the 1980s, Gallup transitioned its business to focus on providing analytics and management consulting to organizations globally. In addition to its analytics, management consulting, and the Gallup Poll, the company also offers educational consulting, the CliftonStrengths assessment and associated products. Business and management books also are published by its Gallup Press unit.

Gallup polls, reports, and partnerships contribute information resources to the learn-and-work ecosystem. Initiatives provide data-driven insights into various aspects of education, employment, and workforce development. They gather and analyze data on student experiences, educational outcomes, workforce readiness, and employer expectation, which can inform policy decisions, institutional strategies, and public discourse.


Gallup polls focus in four areas:

  • Data collection and analysis: Surveys and polls that gather data on students, educators, employers, and other stakeholders in the education sector. This data helps identify trends, challenges, and opportunities within the higher education landscape.
  • Insights into student and workforce outcomes: By examining factors such as student engagement, graduation rates, job placement, and career satisfaction, Gallup provides valuable insights into how well higher education institutions are preparing students for the workforce.
  • Benchmarking and comparisons: Gallup's data allows institutions to benchmark their performance against national and global standards, helping them understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Policy and decision-making: Policymakers and educational leaders use Gallup's findings to make informed decisions about educational reforms, funding allocations, and program development.

Examples of Partnerships

Gallup collaborates with various organizations to enhance the understanding and impact of higher education and provide evidence needed to drive improvements in education:

  • With Lumina Foundation—to focus on educational outcomes and workforce readiness of American students. Lumina’s goal is to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials. Together, Gallup and Lumina have conducted studies and surveys to measure the quality of higher education, student success, and the alignment between education and employment needs.
  • With the Strada Education Foundation —to focus on the "Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey" which examines the perspectives of education consumers on the value and relevance of their educational experiences.
  • With the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—to collect information on educational equity, access, and innovation to support underrepresented student populations.

The impact of these partnerships is:

  • Enhanced research quality: Partnerships leverage the strengths of both Gallup's methodological expertise and the strategic focus of foundations. .
  • Broad dissemination: Findings from collaborations are widely disseminated to stakeholders, including policymakers, educational leaders, and the public, ensuring that the insights reach those who can implement change.
  • Informed initiatives: The data and insights generated through partnerships inform initiatives aimed at improving higher education systems, increasing student success, and better aligning educational outcomes with workforce needs.

Examples of Reports

2024 State of Higher Education Report — Partnering with Lumina Foundation, this annual surveys thousands of U.S. adults without a college degree. The research reveals that six in 10 unenrolled adults say they have recently
considered pursuing a credential, but concerns around cost and mental wellness, among other
factors, are stopping many from beginning or continuing a degree program.

2018 Strada-Gallup Alumni Survey — Partnering with Strada Education Foundation, this report explores the experiences and outcomes of college alumni in the U.S.  It examines factors such as the perceived value of higher education, the relevance of degrees to current employment, and overall satisfaction with educational experiences.

2019 Gallup-Lumina Foundation Study of the American Public’s Opinion on Higher Education Partnering with Lumina Foundation, this study assesses public opinions on the value of higher education, focusing on perceptions of degree quality, affordability, and the return on investment in terms of career success and personal growth.

Great Jobs, Great Lives: The 2014 Gallup-Purdue Index Report — Partnering with Purdue University, this report from the Gallup-Purdue Index examines the relationship between the college experience and long-term success in work and life. It highlights key factors that contribute to graduates’ well-being and workplace engagement.

Americans See Value in Higher Education, But Question Its Affordability — Partnering with Lumina Foundation, this report delves into Americans' perceptions of higher education, particularly its affordability and value. It provides insights into public sentiment regarding the cost of college and its impact on accessibility and social mobility.

2018 Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey — Partnering with Strada Education Foundation this survey explores the views of education consumers on the relevance and quality of their educational experiences. It looks at how education aligns with career goals and the perceived return on investment.

Frequency and Types of Reports

  • Some reports, such as those resulting from the Gallup-Purdue Index and the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey, are produced annually, providing yearly insights into trends and changes in public opinion and educational outcomes.
  • Other reports are produced periodically based on specific studies or collaborations, addressing emerging issues or specific research questions at different intervals.
  • Report types include
    • Trend Analyses —Track changes over time, offering a longitudinal perspective on the learn and work ecosystem.
    • Public Opinion — Gauges public sentiment on key issues in higher education, providing a barometer for policymakers and educational leaders.
    • Actionable Insights —Offers recommendations based on data-driven findings, helping stakeholders implement effective strategies for improvement.
    • Stakeholder Engagement — By involving partners, resulting reports ensure that a broad range of perspectives and expertise inform the research and impact potential applications in the field.


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