Global Alliance for Skills to Aid Economic Renaissance and Labor Market Transitions


SkyHive, in partnership with Milcoop, is leading the new Global Alliance for Skills, a strategic alliance promoting economic and environmental sustainability by reskilling the global workforce. The Global Alliance supports governments and companies in reskilling and upskilling areas of the labor market that are most affected by automation and advanced technology.

The Alliance is focusing initially on the European fishing and aquaculture sectors (known as the "Blue Economy") with the recognition that food-related challenges are central to the planet's future and intersect many other aspects, such as environmental sustainability, health, workers' rights, and technologies to improve the supply chain. More than 20 million people are already employed in aquaculture, and that number is expected to grow significantly.

Work will focus on:

  • Discussing strategies to empower a new, self-sustainable “green-blue economy.”
  • Sharing best practices in workforce transformation in the aquaculture and fishery ecosystems.
  • Providing viable pathways to reskilling jobs.

The Global Alliance for Skills is designed to respond to growth in these sectors by helping potential workers find job and educational hot spots where they can take classes, meet people, and get help in securing their next job.

The Global Alliance for Skills’ launch coincides with the European Union’s projection that the move toward a low-carbon economy will create more than 1 million jobs by 2030. Industrial transitions also will require the reskilling and upskilling of more than 120 million Europeans over the next five years.

Within this context, in October 2022, the European Commission adopted the proposal to make 2023 the “European Year of Skills.” This move recognizes Europe’s urgent need for more professional education and upskilling. A third of the EU’s €1.8 trillion NextGeneration EU Recovery Plan, as well as the EU’s seven-year budget, will finance the European Green Deal, promote economic growth decoupled from resource use, and ensure that “no person and no place” is left behind during the transition into a modern,


Skyhive, Milcoop, European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), National Federation of Fishing Companies




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