PLA Inside Out: An International Journal on Theory, Research and Practice in Prior Learning Assessment


PLA Inside Out (PLAIO) is the first scholarly online journal entirely devoted to the recognition and assessment of prior experiential learning.  Produced at the State University of New York (SUNY) Empire State University, the focus of the journal is to anchor PLA work as central to:

  1. Thinking about teaching and learning.
  2. Supporting and recognizing scholarly work in the field of prior learning.
  3. Provoking new ideas and experiences in PLA practices.
  4. Providing a central repository for PLA resources.
  5. Placing current work in historical context.

The journal offers a space to explore the theoretical underpinnings of common work in PLA and to understand the research that supports these theories. The journal also encourages the sharing of PLA practices, becomes an opportunity to reflect on what is being done and why, and is designed as an occasion for people to ask questions and get responses to them from colleagues across the world.  PLA Inside Out is a resource for those engaged in PLA to provide:

  • Access to ongoing research
  • A networking site
  • A source for conference news
  • A link to other sources

PLA Inside Out is a refereed, open access e-journal that is available free of charge on the Internet.

New articles are available twice a year (fall, spring).  There are also regular opportunities for critical dialogue within and between each new issue, along with an editors’ blog.  Each issue includes theory, research, practice, case studies, literature reviews and other writings.



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