Playbook: Providing Access to All Learners (Credential As You Go)


Credential As You Go is an initiative working with many partners toward a nationally recognized transferable incremental credentialing system that increases the number of high-quality, post-high school credentials that lead to further education and employment. Such a system captures and verifies learning that is currently uncounted, enabling individuals to be recognized for what they know and can do as they acquire it; and provides pathways for learners to continue their education, increasing their ability to gain higher credentials and better employment.

Credential As You Go’s initiative to develop a range of tools and resources, including playbooks, to support incremental credentialing was launched in 2022 with the support of the US Department of Education IES program and Walmart. The playbooks are “how-to” guides on topics, policies, and practices that support developing an incremental credentialing system.

Each playbook addresses a different component core to incremental credentialing. Each playbook contains a purpose statement; questions or checklists to guide developments; case studies/examples; and references. In addition, playbooks contain related resources such as the Credential As You Go Dictionary, video recordings from Credential As You Go webinars, the Learn & Work Ecosystem Library, and resources others have recommended for the topic.

The playbooks are living documents. As more incremental credentials are designed, tested, and implemented, the playbooks will be updated to reflect lessons learned, additional case studies, and new tools created by stakeholders.

Playbook on Providing Access to All Learners

In 2023, Credential As You Go published Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Incremental Credentialing (now renamed Providing Access to All Learners). It provides foundational knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion to the many types of stakeholders involved in developing and implementing incremental credentialing, including community colleges, universities, and third-party providers.


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Credential As You Go Dictionary

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Learn & Work Ecosystem Library

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