Unmudl Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace

Last Updated: Spring 2023

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The Unmudl Skills-to-JobsTM Marketplace connects learners with new or better jobs, college and continuing education credits, and credentials—from certificates to certifications and degrees. Unmudl.com was released publicly in November 2020.

A collaborative of American community colleges power the Unmudl platform where learners can sort through a number of options to assist their choice-making:

  • Types of credentials: Certification (awarded by third party); certificate (awarded by college); license (issued by government); degree (awarded by college).
  • Subjects: Seventeen industry areas.
  • Dates (duration of courses): Fewer than seven days, less than one month, one to three months, over three months, self-paced.
  • Colleges: Community colleges that participate in Unmudl.
  • Employers: Employers that hire out of Unmudl courses.
  • Credits: Eligible for college credit; continuing education credit or CEUs (proof of expertise to work).
  • Type: In-person, blended (part online, part in-person), online/on-demand, online/scheduled.
  • Price: Able to sort by range.
  • Tuition Assistance Eligibility: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA); Military/Veteran/DOD Eligible; Employer tuition reimbursement; College tuition assistance3 (i.e., Pell grants, scholarships, etc.).

In July 2021, Unmudl released its signature offering, Unmudl Originals. These are low-cost, flexible, short-term courses developed collaboratively by employers and community colleges that have a direct connection to job openings that pay family-sustaining wages.

When enrolling in select Unmudl Original courses, working learners also can redeem credit for prior learning and work experience to qualify for better job opportunities.

Unmudl and Amazon partnered to develop a series of Amazon Unmudl Originals to build a talent pipeline for the growing careers in Reliability Maintenance Engineering (RME). They are also partnering to build an employer hiring web so other employers with similar needs can hire out of these same courses.

Unmudl partnered with SkillUp to boost the outreach of Unmudl courses, such as the Amazon Unmudl Original, to 1 million learners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic—many of whom are women, Hispanic, African American, and are the first in their families to pursue education past high school.

To address the digital content divide and ensure that learners have access to information about these opportunities, Unmudl is partnering with EvocaTV, a pioneer in next-generation TV. Evoca TV is the first hybrid broadcast-broadband television service in the U.S. It has a growing infrastructure of broadcast towers and streaming delivery platforms focused in locations where the digital divide is especially wide. This integration addresses inequities in learning for adults. Unmudl provides content for the freely available Evoca Learn educational channels such as Field Trip for young adults and families and Path for adult learners and upskilling.


Unmudl was conceived in October 2019 by a group of community colleges and the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) in SocialTech.ai’s Futures Innovation Lab. A prototype was launched in April 2020.

The five founding Unmudl colleges include Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona; Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque; Gateway Community College in Maricopa, Arizona; San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico; and Tombolo Institute at Bellevue College in Washington State.

Other partners include Amazon, SkillUp, and EvocaTV.



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