Data for the American Dream (D4AD)

Data for the American Dream (D4AD) is a nonprofit organization focused on assisting learners, workers, and job seekers gain education and credentialing to meet career goals by providing access to information and data tools. D4AD also works to bridge the digital divide by providing resources and support to underserved communities with particular attention given to assisting unemployed and underemployed populations resulting from structural racism or economic marginalization.

Through initiatives like computer literacy programs and access to technology resources, they aim to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed in the digital age. D4AD employs strategies focused on strategic planning efforts, managing data and technology, and crafting effective communications.

D4AD promotes initiatives designed to address:

  • Designing human-centered tools and information
  • Creating strategic communications and partnerships
  • Gaining support from local community organizations and policymakers
  • Overcoming the deficit mindset
  • Addressing technological inequities
  • Navigating complex systems
  • Planning for sustainability


Strategic Communications and Research Resources

Data Management and Sharing Resources

Strategic Planning Guides and Resources

Sample Marketing Materials and Resources

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