Education Quality Outcomes Standards Board (EQOS)

Education Quality Outcomes Standards Board (EQOS) is a nonprofit organization that has developed and maintains a framework of universal definitions of student outcomes and their corresponding metrics. Its mission is to establish a consistent process for collecting and reporting student outcomes data across all postsecondary education and training programs.  It is pioneering a framework and methodology to measure the quality and efficacy of non-degree credentials (NDCs).

In 2018, EQUOS identified and published five metrics of quality assurance in a Quality Assurance Framework:

  • Learning
  • Completion
  • Placement
  • Earnings
  • Satisfaction

In 2023, EQOS joined Jobs for the Future (JFF) and partnered with Burning Glass Institute, with support from GitLab Foundation, to expand the EQOS Framework to measure education and training programs based on employment and earnings outcomes. A $2.9 million grant for Jobs for the Future and the Burning Glass Institute to expand Educational Quality Outcomes Standards as a tool to help workers, learners, employers, and policymakers make sense of rapidly growing landscape of postsecondary credentials was announced in April 2023. In this work, JFF and the Burning Glass Institute are working together to incorporate new measures of racial, gender, and income equity—and create consumer and employer friendly applications that make it easier for job seekers and employers in the U.S. to assess a wide variety of education and training programs.

In April 2024, EQOS published "The Importance of Understanding Non-Degree Credential Quality." The report offers an overview of non-degree credentials, their significance in the modern labor market, and the need for a framework to evaluate the quality of non-degree credentials.

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