EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association that focuses on the use of data and technology to advance higher education institutions towards greater advancement and application of emerging trends in Information Technology (IT). Founded in 1998, it serves as a platform for collaboration and innovation among professionals in the field of IT in higher education. With a diverse membership comprising institutions, corporations, and individuals, EDUCAUSE facilitates networking, knowledge sharing, and resource development to address the challenges and opportunities in leveraging technology for educational purposes.

The association organizes conferences, workshops, and webinars where members can engage in discussions, learn about emerging trends, and share best practices. One of its flagship events is the annual EDUCAUSE Conference, which attracts thousands of attendees from around the world. Through these gatherings, EDUCAUSE fosters a community of experts who exchange ideas and collaborate on solutions to common issues faced by higher education institutions.

EDUCAUSE is also a publisher, producing research reports, white papers, and case studies on various topics related to IT in higher education. Focus areas include:

  • analytics
  • artificial intelligence
  • CIOs and Senior Technology
  • cybersecurity
  • digital transformation
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • federal policy
  • presidents and senior executives
  • student success
  • teaching and learning

EDUCAUSE also offers an information library which acts as an aggregator of over 22,000 research resources. By disseminating valuable insights and practical recommendations, EDUCAUSE aims to empower its members to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies in their respective institutions.

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