Jobs & Skills Australia

Jobs and Skills Australia, established by the Australian Government, provides independent advice to the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and the Minister for Skills and Training on current, emerging, and future workforce, skills, and training needs to improve skills development, employment opportunities, and economic growth. The organization works with a wide variety of stakeholders to include unions, employers, state and territory governments, and education and training providers.

This independent advice is informing government policy, programs, and investment; business and industry planning; and the choices Australians make about their education, training and employment. Information collected through this approach is being used for:

  • research and analysis including regional analyses
  • harnessing insights from industry
  • workforce forecasting
  • capacity studies for emerging and growing industries
  • developing insight into traditionally disadvantaged groups
  • workforce planning.

In November 2022,  the Jobs and Skills Australia Act 2022 was passed to enable the Australian Government to quickly establish an interim Jobs & Skills Australia to help address Australia’s workforce challenges while consulting on other actions needed to support Jobs & Skills Australia’s ongoing operations.

In March 2023, the Australian government introduced into Parliament the Jobs and Skills Australia Amendment Bill 2023. The Bill delivers on the government’s commitment to finalize Jobs & Skills Australia’s permanent arrangements as a tripartite, statutory body.

Resources: Jobs & Skills Australia website

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