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NACADA, the Global Community for Academic Advising, is an association dedicated to promoting and supporting quality academic advising to enhance the educational development of students in higher education. Established in 1979, NACADA serves over 14,000 members, including professional advisors, counselors, administrators, and students across the globe.

NACADA's mission is to champion academic advising as a critical component of student success and retention. By fostering a community of practice, NACADA supports advisors through professional development, networking opportunities, and research initiatives, aiming to improve advising practices and outcomes.

NACADA membership offers access to resources, professional development opportunities, and a global network of advising professionals. Members benefit from discounts on events, exclusive access to publications, and the ability to participate in special interest groups and regional activities​

Programs and Initiatives

NACADA offers a variety of programs designed to support academic advisors and institutions, including:

  • Annual Conferences: NACADA's annual conferences provide a platform for advisors to engage in professional development, share best practices, and network with peers. The conferences feature keynote speakers, workshops, and sessions on a wide range of advising topics.
  • Core Competencies Model: The NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Model outlines the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for effective advising. It includes conceptual, informational, and relational components to guide advisor training and development​.
  • Research Support: NACADA actively supports research in academic advising through grants, scholarly papers, and a dedicated research center. The association encourages evidence-based practices and the dissemination of research findings to advance the field​.
  • Professional Development: NACADA offers numerous professional development opportunities, including webinars, eTutorials, and the Emerging Leaders Program. These initiatives help advisors enhance their skills and stay current with the latest trends and strategies in advising​.


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NACADA Journal

NACADA Review: Academic Advising Praxis and Perspectives

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