Last Updated: Spring 2023

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SkillPointe is an Atlanta-based one-stop shop designed for individuals interested in exploring new skills, career changers getting reskilled in a new profession, and workers looking to upskill in their current field.  SkillPointe offers self-assessment tools, real-time information to explore the most in-demand jobs in the United States across eight different industries, access to training programs, scholarship funding, and listings for well-paying skills-based jobs. Jobs focus in the following industries: Construction, Healthcare, Information Technology (IT), Energy, Manufacturing, and other essential areas. Key features of the platform include:
  • Explore Careers —Help finding the skills-based career that’s the best fit for individuals,
  • Find Training —National Database of 50,000+ training programs gathered from local colleges and technical schools.
  • Find Jobs—Database of more than 300,000 active job openings updated daily and featuring the most in-demand jobs that don’t require a four-year degree.
  • News + Advice—News and advice from pros who know what it takes to succeed in their field.
  • Financial Resources$1,000 scholarships for community college and trade school programs offered through the SkillPointe Foundation
Since 2021, the SkillPointe Foundation has raised funds to help aspiring workers afford the training needed to build careers in high-demand industries. The Foundation partners with companies to raise funds -- and with community colleges, and trade schools around the need to grow skills-based talent, while helping millions of people find more fulfilling futures.

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