Workday Inc. is a provider of cloud-based enterprise software solutions for finance, human resources, and industry planning. Founded in 2005, the company's primary offering is its suite of software applications, which are designed to help organizations manage various aspects of their operations, including financial management, human capital management, and workforce planning. Workday utilizes embedded artificial intelligence (AI) technology in their products to enhance performance capabilities.

As part of their corporate responsibility initiative, the Workday Foundation provides workforce development programs, grant funding opportunities for technology training centers, as well as a focus on environmental sustainability. The foundation provides tools and resources for workforce development programs.

Initiatives such as Opportunity Onramps provides internships, training, and job opportunities to job seekers from nontraditional backgrounds. Additionally, Workday offers a Career Accelerator program designed to provide military veterans with training opportunities to build skills and credentials for careers in technology.


Workday Foundation

Workday Workforce Development

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