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Created nearly two decades ago, the National College Transition Network (NCTN) - World Education - provides technical assistance and professional development services to community college, adult education, and workforce systems. NCTN designs accelerated career pathways, comprehensive student support services, and multi-stakeholder partnerships that help adults attain their educational and career goals and access greater economic opportunity.

NCTN is part of World Education – US Division.  NCTN collaborates with other WEI initiatives to support the success of older youth and adult learners.

Examples of NCTN resources:

  • National Career Awareness Project - Strengthened capacity of 16 states to prepare adults for college and career pathways.
  • Personal and Workplace Success Skills Digital Library - Advance adults’ college and career readiness and college success.
  • SABES Center for Education and Career Planning - Professional development to build capacity of Adult Basic Education advisors, instructors, administrators, and programs to fully implement education, career advising, and career planning to support college and career readiness.
  • Student Mentoring - Fostered skills through mentorship training and NCTN tools via Adult College Engagement (ACE) and Migrant Youth Education projects.
  • Adult Transitions Longitudinal Study: Final Report
  • Integrated Education and Training: Implementing Programs in Diverse Contexts
  • Learning Communities: Promoting Retention and Persistence in College
  • Mapping Your Financial Journey: Helping Adults Plan for College
  • The Role of Participation in ABE-to-College Transition Programs in Adult Student Postsecondary Enrollment, Persistence, and Success


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