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Click here to read more about the methodology and intention behind the organization of Library content.

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Users seeking information on a particular organization or initiative can search directly for Library content by typing a word or phrase into the search bar. Be sure to double-check spelling as the system will only locate exact matches.

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Users can select one area of the Learn-and-Work Ecosystem as an entry point to browse the Library’s content. Users choose from a selection of filters on a left-hand navigation pane to explore Library content dynamically and browse related items within the collection.


Accessed from a pop-out tab on the right side of the page, the Index contains all library content in a single alphabetized list. Type in the search bar or select a letter to jump to that section of the Index.


Also accessed from a pop-out tab on the right side of the page, the Glossary contains an alphabetized arrangement of key vocabulary terms and definitions used in the Learn-and-Work Ecosystem.

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