Short-term Credentials, Short-term Training

This page is under development. Definitions come from Definitions & Use of Key Terms & Concepts in Incremental Credentialing from Credential As You Go.

  • Georgetown University CEW: Short-term programs typically run from 8-15 weeks at a postsecondary education institution.
  • New America (2021): Short-term credentials are less than one year of full-time study. Short-term credentials may include licenses issued by state or federal governments, certificates awarded by postsecondary institutions, and certifications awarded by industry organizations.
  • Short-term Pell: Kaine/Portman Short-Term Pell Amendment to S. 1260 would extend Pell Grant eligibility to students in qualifying short-term workforce education programs. The amendment is similar in structure to the Jumpstart our Businesses by Supporting Students (JOBS) Act. Like the JOBS act, the amendment would authorize a job training federal Pell Grant program to extend Pell eligibility to credit and non-credit programs between 150 and 600 clock hours in length. Pell Grant eligibility is currently limited to programs 600 hours or longer. The Dept. of Education (ED) would have one year from enactment to publish an eligibility application for short-term programs.


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