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The T3 Innovation Network (T3 Network) mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of a more diverse and equitable talent marketplace through data interoperability supported by collective action and shared governance. Composed of employers, K-12 and postsecondary institutions, business and education associations, public agencies, and the data standards organizations and technology partners that support them, the T3 Network has led the way in exploring how data standards and Web 3.0 technologies can transform the education and workforce ecosystem. The T3 Network seeks to promote, coordinate, and facilitate this digital transformation so that (1) all learning counts and is reflected as data; (2) competencies and skills are exchanged like currency for equitable hiring; and (3) learners and workers are empowered and given agency over their data so that they can successfully pursue education and employment opportunities. As a standards-based, use case driven, and vendor neutral network, the T3 Network has consistently demonstrated its unique ability to bring together disparate networks and organizations through collective action to close data gaps and advance the field in support of T3’s vision.

The T3 Network is working on three projects: Open Data Standards, Competency-Based Learning and Hiring, and Empowering Learners and Workers (U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, n.d.). 

  • The Open Data Standards project aims to build a foundation that allows job seekers to seamlessly share data across stakeholder systems. 
  • The Competency-Based Learning and Hiring project aims to use all available data that displays an individual’s competencies to ensure that all learning counts. 
  • The  Empowering Learners and Workers project aims to ensure data access and privacy for all individuals.

The T3 Network Hub offers resources by audience—including tech partners, employers, and educators—and by topic: digital credentials, work-based learning, career pathways, etc. These resources include publications, videos, templates, and use cases. The Hub also directs members toward other networks and working groups (T3 Innovation Network, n.d.). The networks are divided into four topical areas: 

  • Discovering and using skills data.
  • Empowering learners and workers with data.
  • Achieving interoperability through standards.
  • Improving job and employment data. 

The T3 Network created eight working groups: 

  • Requirements Workgroup on Skills & Competencies.
  • LERN Presentations Scenarios Workgroup.
  • DTSN Market Signals Steering Workgroup.
  • JWDN Stakeholder Steering Workgroup.
  • OCFC Technical Advisory Workgroup.
  • LERN Adoption Barriers Workgroup.
  • DTSN Technical Steering Workgroup.
  • WDN Technical Workgroup. 

Relationship to the Ecosystem

The T3 Innovation Network provides the ecosystem with a database that allows leaners and workers to easily show educational institutions and employers what they know and can do.


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