Open Competency Framework Collaborative Network (OCF Collab)


The Open Competency Framework Collaborative Network (OCF Collab) is a database within the T3 Network of Networks. It aims to make skills and competencies readily available to individuals who use the network and to machines that capture the network’s data. Skills and competencies are defined as any attribute required to perform a work role—including knowledge, skills, abilities, habits of mind or practice, and tasks. 

The OCF Collab is an online warehouse of service providers offering competency frameworks. These frameworks are defined as logically related sets of competencies based on a specific competency framework model. Such a model enables users to search by specific terms (i.e., “construction”) and retrieve relevant frameworks and their associated competencies from any individual or organization registered with the network. 

The database’s interface has a search feature that connects users to registries that house competency frameworks developed by institutions and organizations. Three of these frameworks include: 

  • 1EdTech’s Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) —The 1EdTech Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) standard facilitates the exchange of information about learning outcomes, competencies, and skills. CASE also can transmit information about rubrics and criteria for performance of tasks. CASE supports association across frameworks so frameworks and items can be related and aligned. 
  • Credential Engine’s CTDL-ASNThe Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) family of specifications (schemas and APIs) evolve over time. Credential Engine manages specifications for CTDL (for credentials and related information) and CTDL-ASN (for competency frameworks).
  • University of Washington’s ASN—Autonomous System Number (ASN) is managed by the University of Washington. An Autonomous System (AS) is a network (or collection of networks) managed and supervised by a single entity or organization. This tool provides a comprehensive ownership and connectivity report for any given AS number.

Relationship to the Ecosystem

The Open Competency Framework Collaborative Network can make learning more transparent by helping users of the database find competency frameworks and their associated competencies from a range of registries and providers. This can inform users about the competencies expected for a given field or area of study, and inform employers about the competencies of potential employees who have learned under a particular framework.

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