Transfer & Credit Mobility Technology

Last Updated 04/24/2024

Refers to types of technology that support student transfer and credit mobility. Many aim to automate and speed credit evaluation and verification processes for learners and reduce biases introduced by evaluators:

  • Transfer portals that provide students one-stop baseline transfer information (e.g., credit equivalencies and information on programs, admissions, cost, financial aid, academic advising)
  • Sharing machine-readable electronic transcripts by postsecondary, K-12, employers, and community organizations
  • Course equivalency and automated credit evaluation tools
  • Degree audit and planning tools that allow students and academic and career advisors to map evaluated credits to credentials of interest.
  • Dynamic credit mobility+ portals that access transcripts to combine credit evaluation and identification of optimal degree pathways with determination of time and estimated costs to completion; career supports and labor market alignment; credit for prior learning; eligibility for Pell grants, military aid, and scholarships
  • Comprehensive learning and employment records in electronic wallets that students carry with them and that document learning from a variety of academic and non-academic settings
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning advances that automate course equivalencies through algorithms rather than applying a limited set of transfer rules

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