National Partnership for Women & Families

The National Partnership for Women & Families (NPWF) is a nonprofit advocacy organization focused on promoting policies, programs, and initiatives that benefit women and families. Founded in 1971 as the Women’s Legal Defense Fund, the organization promotes efforts in shaping legislative and workplace policies to advance gender equality and improve the lives of women and families across the United States.

The NPWF focuses on a range of issues including:

  • reproductive health & rights
  • workplace fairness
  • paid family and medical leave
  • healthcare access
  • economic equity

The NPWF aims to support women and families through numerous programs, partnerships, and initiatives. These efforts are dedicated to four main areas of attention:

  • Advocacy – efforts focused on congressional relations and social/economic impact
  • Childbirth connection – initiatives to provide expectant parents with accessible, evidence-based information about pregnancy/pregnancy planning, childbirth, and early childhood development
  • Economic justice – advocacy for public policy efforts to promote economic justice, fair pay, and equity in the workplace
  • Health justice – policy efforts and systemic transformational initiatives driven towards affordable, quality, and accessible healthcare

Additionally, the NPWF’s efforts are focused on advancing these programs and initiatives for underserved and marginalized communities.


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