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The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) is a national, nonprofit membership organization working to improve education-to-career pathways for adult learners. CAEL’s services to organizations include providing expertise, resources, and innovative solutions that effectively support adult learners as they navigate on- and off-ramps between education and employment.

In 2022, CAEL developed the Skills Compass Platform to illustrate career pathway information and assign training and education opportunities for in-demand skills identified by companies for upward mobility. For this work, CAEL coordinates with specific companies and multi-supplier business groups to document needs, then identify best-aligned training solutions that provide curriculum and course delivery particularly designed for adult learners. The program presents employees with an option of training opportunities, all curated based on employer validation. Learning focus areas include professional development, technical skills such as advanced and lean manufacturing fundamentals, and English communication skills. Training delivery varies from wholly online to in-classroom and is tailored to individual employee skill gaps and work demands.

The Skills Compass Platform was developed by a third-party vendor and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), uses Auth0 for user authentication, and was developed with NodeJS and Angular. Skills Compass has an existing server-side backend infrastructure, via NodeJS, that can support API calls and integrations to external systems

In 2023, CAEL issued a Request for Proposal  to pursue a third-party vendor to develop Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) functionality and Application Programming Interface (API) for its newly developed Skills Compass Platform. CAEL’s goals are to design a learning program that addresses specific regional adult education needs, relevant to the employees of designated suppliers. Work will include developing the infrastructure and processes to manage and operate the program for scalable growth. The digital platform will need SCORM functionality, API integration, data repository (that pulls from multiple education vendors), student access view, and administrative access view.

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