Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation

Last Updated: 03/28/2024

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The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Phoenix, Arizona, which aims to promote economic growth, education, and community development. The foundation works in collaboration with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce to address issues impacting the region. The foundation provides programs and initiatives to address education, workforce development, and health & wellness. It also produces research to assist in developing further partnerships, initiatives, and programs.

The foundation’s program, ElevateEdAZ, aims to develop learner pathways to high-demand careers. Initiatives of the program include:

  • continuing education and learner advancement
  • providing resources and opportunities
  • developing partnerships with schools, businesses and community organizations
  • providing career awareness and exploration information
  • fast tack programs towards employment opportunities

ElevateEdAZ also provides resources and incentives for teachers to pursue additional credentials and certifications.

In workforce development, the foundation is focused on the addressing skills gaps and labor shortages in:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • construction
  • cybersecurity
  • financial services
  • healthcare
  • information technology (IT)

The foundation engages in partnerships and collaborations with area businesses and organizations to provide programs and initiatives to help develop opportunities for career pathways. The foundation also aims to address underemployed and underserved communities by connecting community members with employers to facilitate economic mobility opportunities.

Additional workforce development initiatives include Connect to Work AZ, which provides resources for job seekers in the healthcare and finance sectors, and Build Your Future AZ, which provides resources focused on careers in construction and trade labor.




Workforce Development

Connect to Work AZ

Build Your Future AZ

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