Inaugural Equity Toolkit for Community Colleges - Achieving the Dream

Last Updated: Spring 2023

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Achieving the Dream developed a toolkit as a comprehensive guide and framework for operationalizing equitable policies and practices at community colleges to help increase student outcomes and eliminate equity gaps.  The included tools and exercises place equity at the center of institutional considerations and actions, can be used to evaluate current policies and practices, and to make changes where inequities are created for marginalized and minoritized students. 

Eight principles drawn from equity research and best practices are presented as a guidepost for institutions pursuing equitable outcomes for all students. 

  1. Develop an equity mindset 
  2. Interrogate institutional practices, structures, and policies and replace those that are inequitable 
  3. Integrate holistic supports throughout the student experience 
  4. Embrace cultural competence and culturally responsive pedagogy 
  5. Leverage existing and new data to support a culture of inquiry and evidence 
  6. Drive positive change through perseverance and power sharing 
  7. Engage with the local community to develop partnerships that lead to economic vitality 
  8. Acknowledge the pervasiveness of racism and discrimination in the United States of America 

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