North Dakota Digital Credential Publishing Application


North Dakota is the first state to develop a digital credential publishing application for high school transcripts as a verifiable credential. It allows high school graduates to present their transcript to an educational institution or employer digitally. Users of the technology can have all their degrees, certifications, badges, and skills located in one accessible and secure location.

The technology spearheads other forms of credentials (educational, certifications such as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), work experience, training and life experiences) as a form of recognized skills that a citizen holds, has private control of, and can easily share their skills with potential employers in an anonymous, equitable and inclusive manner to gain access to future employment and for employers to seek talent regionally.

This digital credential application is helping high school students seamlessly transition to colleges and universities, allow adult learners to create skills and education portfolios, and help those who want to transition or advance in the workforce by allowing them to map out necessary education and share it quickly, easily and securely with employers.

The project has expanded to include industry-recognized credentials through Open Badges representing credentials ranging from welding to cybersecurity and pathways from high school to community college certificates or bachelor’s degrees through a master’s degree at the University of North Dakota.

To gain access to a digital credential application and publish the credential, a student needs only to access the student/parent portal in the educational portal to create their credentials in a ‘wallet’ that they own. The Digital Credential ‘wallet’ is accessible through the PowerSchool login and accessing the North Dakota Education portal.

This work is part of North Dakota (ND) Information Technology’s focus on providing learners with credentials such as Comprehensive Learning Record, High School transcripts, and Open Badges. The aim is to define stackable credentials from high schools, colleges, and employers — to bring forward digital credentials that are held by the learner and that are presentable to employers. This work includes developing Case Frameworks and defining credentials in Credential Engine; publishing new credentials to the Open Credential Publisher; academic awareness and resources to define frameworks, competencies, and course sequences; and employer involvement and awareness.


North Dakota Information Technology Department, PCG, Randa, Bismarck State College, University of North Dakota, Lake Region State College, North Dakota Department  of Public Instruction, 1EdTech, IQ4, Credential Engine, Badgr, many other contributors of the ND Co-Lab


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