Value Data Collaborative (VDC)


Launched in 2024 by the Institution for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), this initiative brings together representatives from states, institutions, and higher education systems to use data to better understand and improve learner value and return on investment from postsecondary education. 

The VDC utilizes the Postsecondary Value Framework to analyze the current value provided by institutions and programs, and to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Cohort 1 

The first cohort of the VDC included representatives from Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Northern Arizon University. The teams employed Applied Data Analytics, the Postsecondary Value Framework, and their own data to develop models and conduct their research.

Research findings were presented virtually, at a national conference, and will be featured in the Equitable Value Explorer (EVE) interactive online tool. 



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