North Dakota Partnership with Credential Engine

Last Updated: 03/09/2024

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The North Dakota University System, in collaboration with the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) and Credential Engine, is giving its residents access to detailed, accurate information about the more than 1,900 credentials available to people in the state -- degrees, certificates, apprenticeships, licenses, and high school diplomas.

The partnership is working to publish to the Credential Registry data from all of North Dakota’s public postsecondary institutions. The goal is to develop navigable pathways and integrate the data with its comprehensive learner record initiative.

North Dakota also joined the Midwest Credential Transparency Alliance (MCTA) which connects people in the midwest region to transparent, comprehensive data about degrees, certificates, apprenticeships, and other credentials.


North Dakota University System, North Dakota Statewide Longitudinal Data System, Credential Engine, Midwest Credential Transparency Alliance


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