Irvine Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation, also known as the Irvine Foundation, established in 1937, is a private, nonprofit organization headquartered in California. Its primary focus is to support innovative solutions to significant issues facing Californians, particularly in the areas of affordable housing and workforce development.

To achieve their goals, the foundation maintains partnerships with:

  • employers
  • labor unions
  • public and private donors
  • public officials

The foundation's grants and initiatives aim to foster a more equitable and inclusive society by investing in programs that address systemic challenges and empower underserved individuals and communities.

Initiatives include:

  • Better Careers – workforce development effort to prepare and connect job seekers with employers with an emphasis to remove race and gender barriers to economic opportunities and advancement
  • Fair Work – effort to eliminate wage theft and promote civic engagement among low income workers
  • Just Prosperity – support for statewide efforts to develop and implement policies to reflect the priorities of and give voice to underserved and low-income workers
  • Priority Communities – seven year effort in the cities of Fresno, Salinas, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Stockton to create and develop sustainable careers and advancement opportunities for low-income workers
  • Housing Affordability Project – support for statewide and community efforts to find solutions assist low-income renters, preserve existing affordable housing structures, and invest in new affordable housing construction


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