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Last Updated: 04/18/2024

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Launched by the SkillUp Coalition,  CareerNavGPT has a mission to provide a guided and supported path to ensure that all STARs have access to high-opportunity and quality employment.  CareerNacGPT is an open-source large language model and agent framework for career navigation that will connect STARs job seekers with curated opportunities tailored to their skills, experience, and interests.

STARS —Skilled Through Alternative Routes—are individuals who may not have a four-year college degree but possess the skills for higher-wage work. They are typically at least 25 years old, active in the workforce, and have a high school diploma but not a bachelor’s degree. They have developed valuable skills on the job, through military service, in community college, or through other alternative routes. Research has found that millions of STARs have demonstrated skills for roles with salaries at least 50% higher than their current job. There are estimated to be more than 70 million workers in this category, and they constitute a major, large, and overlooked talent pool.


The coalition is comprised of  SkillUp, Brighthive, AdeptID, and Burning Glass Institute.  The partnering organizations bring particular expertise to this initiative:

  • AdeptID and Brighthive bring expertise in model fine tuning, document chunking, vectorization, data workflows, context and prompt optimization for LLMs, and career navigation.
  • SkillUp provides a large number of users (more than 2 million) and a proprietary platform with high-quality careers, jobs, and training programs specifically tailored for STARs.
  • Burning Glass Institute brings research and evaluation capabilities.


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